Food trucks have been a thing for quite some time now, especially here in New York City. Traditional non-halal food trucks are known for having lines wrapped around the corner, with options being endless. I mean, you name it and somewhere there’s a funky colored truck ready to take your order!

When it comes to halal food trucks, however, the options are limited and tend to end right where they begin— at chicken over rice. We’re actually tired of saying “Yes Habibi, we’d like white sauce and hot sauce.”

... At least that was the case, before Krave Shack showed up!

Krave Shack is stationed on Hillside Avenue, between 255th and 256th Street and is taking our social media feeds by storm! Foodies and bloggers from the Islamic community are lining up to order Krave Shack’s delicious burgers, wings, and sandwiches during all times of the day.

One group quoted:
“We visited at 1 am in the morning and found it to be packed, so much for avoiding rush hour.”

For those who live in the area, it is a known fact that Queens has no shortage of indoor dining options, so what exactly is causing people to line up curbside, in front of this crimson colored food truck?

The answer is quite simple. Krave Shack is offering lots of cool and unique menu items that you won’t find anywhere else! Some noteworthy menu items include the Krave Steak, Chopped Cheese, and General Tso’s Chicken Sandwich. That’s quite the lineup, if ya ask me.

The best part: Krave Shack sources their meat products from Hal&Al Meats and Provisions, qualifying everything as 100% Zabihah Halal.

Though they’ve only been open since August 2019, we’ve got a feeling Krave Shack will be around for a while.

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