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We Crave Krave Shack

September 9, 2019

When it comes to halal food trucks, however, the options are limited and tend to end right where they begin— at chicken over rice. We’re actually tired of saying “Yes Habibi, we’d like white sauce and hot sauce.”

... At least that was the case, before Krave Shack showed up!




High Quality Hand Slaughtered Meat

Hal & Al provides the New York Metropolitan Area with only the finest quality meats and meat products, all of which are duly certified hand-slaughtered by the highest relevant religious authorities in New York State as well as the broader U.S.



We work closely with our cattle producers to ensure that all animals coming through our facility meet our feed and development criteria to deliver meat that achieves our standards and reaches our customers' expectations.


Our Fresh & Natural chicken is locally raised in Louisiana — it’s always fresh, 100% natural, and American Humane Certified, with no added hormones or steroids, ever.


Our reputation for consistently high quality grass-fed lamb is recognized by wholesalers, retailers, restaurants and hotels across the United States.

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