Meet Hot Peppers, a fast-casual restaurant taking pride in a “healthier” approach to halal fast food. They've recently taken the "Halal Food Scene" by storm with responsibly-sourced ingredients and nutrition-packed dishes. Their menu ranges from burrito bowls, burritos, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, salads, and plenty of sides often being referenced to customers as the "halal chipotle". In search of a solution to a common problem, Vishal Patel took on a venture where Muslims and non-Muslims can enjoy a meal. We, fortunately, had the opportunity to interview the owner Vishal Patel for this month's featured Hal&Al restaurant.

How did you come about starting your brand?
Hot Peppers came about because we wanted to bring a new flavor to our community. Our community means everything to us and we wanted to create a place where everyone in the neighborhood can gather and eat great food together. Offering a healthy and wholesome Mexican Grill was the obvious choice. There is something for everyone and a variety of healthy options to choose from.
What is your restaurant's purpose in the halal restaurant industry?
Beyond just offering the best halal Mexican grill we take pride in a “healthier” approach to halal fast food. We serve responsibly-sourced ingredients. We always want to offer new flavors and a new experience for our customers and we believe we can do that without compromising our healthier approach to food.
What's the most popular item at your restaurant, and why do you think it is so popular?
That would be the burrito bowl it's filling without being heavy, easy to eat in-store or take out and it has a bit of everything we have to offer. It's also customizable so everybody gets everything that they are craving.
Why do you think people choose to come to your restaurant over other competitors?
It has to be our customer service. You will find nothing but happy faces behind the counter making your food with love. When our customers get the food they want, at the quality they want, from a staff that's happy to provide it, it creates a perfect atmosphere for anyone to enjoy our food. Being a fast-casual restaurant taking pride in a “healthier” approach to halal fast food we feel we are meeting all of our customer's needs and that's hard to come by.
What is your day-to-day goal in the halal restaurant industry?
We strive every day to provide the absolute best quality because without that our brand would lose its foundation. We also focus on keeping our food affordable because we want everyone to be able to enjoy our responsibly-sourced ingredients and nutrition-packed dishes.
Why do you choose Hal&Al as your supplier?
First and foremost we trust Hal&Al to provide us with hand-slaughtered meat of the highest quality. They also provide a huge variety of meats for us to choose from and experiment with to build on our already carefully curated menu. On top of it, the team at Hal&Al provides outstanding service and if I have any questions or requests there is always someone there that helps me out.

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