Classic Beef Hot Dogs - 5 Best Toppings & Recipes!

Classic Beef Hot Dogs - 5 Best Toppings & Recipes!

If you're looking to impress your guests at your next BBQ, here are 5 crazy hot dog toppings to try after throwing these hot dogs on the grill.

Three hot dogs with a heavy assortment of toppings such as ketchup, mustard, pickles, and coleslaw.

Before we dive into creatively tasty Hot Dog Topping Ideas. We need to show homage to the classic Beef Hot Dog itself! To cook this BBQ Classic you can pan fry, grill, place in the oven, and dare we say it, even microwaving. For simplicity purposes, we will teach you how to grill our Beef Hot Dogs.

Simple Recipe/Instructions

Grilling gives your hot dog that smoky, summer flavor you just can’t get any other way.

1. Turn on your grill. You want one side of your grill to be more hot and one more cool. If you have a charcoal grill, stack more coals on one side. If you have a gas grill, adjust the knob settings accordingly.

2. Cook the hot dogs on the cooler side of the grill so that they can heat through without burning on the outside. You’re looking for that perfect brownish-red color.

3. Add your favorite toppings!

      Ketchup and mustard are most certainly a delicious combination on a hot dog. It's a classic combo for such a simple yet absolute legendary BBQ item but in order to keep such a classic item interesting how can we push the boundaries of a great-tasting Hot Dog?


      So if you ever get tired of the classics TRY THESE 5 DELICIOUS HOT DOG TOPPINGS to make yourself the hero of the cookout.

      1. Peppers, Onions, and Cheese

      Sauté up Philly's favorite ingredients, peppers, and onions, and add some melted cheese for a Philly Cheesesteak-inspired Beef Hot Dog.

      2. Avocado and Beef Bacon

      Give your hot dog a delicious spin by slicing or smashing an avocado on your Beef Hot Dog. Sprinkle on some Hickory Smoked Beef Bacon crumbles and then BOOM you have yourself a Bacon Avocado Dog.

      3. Desi Style

      Take your Hot Dog to the next level with a unique tasty fusion recipe made with spiced stuffing in a hot dog bread roll. Make your caramelized onions, chopped cabbage, and sweet corn, then take some garam masala, red chili powder, boiled mashed potatoes, mayo, and some finely chopped ginger, and mix it all together, and then you have yourself a Desi Style Beef Hot Dog. Don't forget some diced tomatoes! You can check the full recipe here.

      4. Sauerkraut and Brown Mustard

      Feeling for a little German? While this combination is typically seen paired with brats or sausage links, they're also a delicious combination for the classic beef hot dog.

      5. Macaroni & Cheese and Beef Bacon Crumbs

      This has got to be our favorite. We're starting to think Mac & Cheese can go on almost anything that comes off the BBQ. Take this classic cookout item and mix it together with some beef bacon, and you've got yourself one delicious beef hot dog.


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