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Premium Hand Slaughtered Meats

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Explore our unforgettable selection of meat and poultry.
Brought to you by us from the best sources around the world.


a cut above the rest

We at Hal&Al value quality above all else. We have developed niche meat programs to service our wholesalers, restaurants, and customers with the highest-grade meat available. Our meats are sourced both domestically and from around the world.


our program

  • USDA monitored facility

  • Strictly-audited humane harvest

  • Every animal is individually hand slaughtered


hand slaughtered



Superior beef

Hal&Al is focused on sourcing the highest quality Grain Fed Beef and Veal products. We work closely with our cattle producers to ensure that all animals coming through our facility meet our feed and development criteria to deliver meat that achieves our standards and reaches our customers' expectations. These are the conditions that allow the prime European breeds, with their superior genetics, to reach their full potential.



  • Controlled hormones and natural beef 

  • European Breeds including Angus, Simmental, and Hereford

  • Specialized high quality corn ration feed programs 

  • Beta-Agonist Free Programs


hand slaughtered



all-natural chicken

Our fresh chicken is independently audited and certified by the American Humane Association. We work with our farmers to ensure that all of our chickens are 100% naturally raised with no hormones or steroids ever. They are fed a highly nutritious, balanced diet composed primarily of corn and soy meal, with vitamins and minerals added. All feed ingredients are approved for use by the FDA and USDA.  



  • Locally raised

  • 100% All-Natural

  • No added hormones

  • No added steroids


hand slaughtered



grass-fed lamb

From New England to the Southern regions of Australia, the open, lush, green pastureland provides the perfect conditions to raise quality lamb. We already offer an extensive range of hand-slaughtered lamb cuts and products. Being at the forefront of processing techniques and technology, we are also continually expanding our range with innovative lamb products.



  • Australian-raised lamb

  • 100% Grass-fed

  • Beta-agonist free

  • Sourced from the most trusted farms